Symbols of life

Item Description

This pair of earrings is entirely hand-made by Cath.This pair of pods bursting open with little seeds ready to continue the cycle of life of a beautiful plant is a beautiful symbol of life The two pods are the same but the pearls were added in a different way for a more organic look. Also, one of the earrings is approx. 2mm longer than the other.

The hooks are quality lead&nickel&cadmium-free gold-plated metal and the pearls are made of glass. The size of the pearls are 2mm and 3mm. The pod shape was made with tiny size 15/0 seed beads in a beautiful rainbow gold metallic finish. The beadwork measures approx. 3cm (1¼") in length, with the hook, the earring is approximately 4,5cm (1¾") long.

The earrings will be sent in a small pouch in a bubble envelop, which should normally be quite inexpensive, except if you want them to ship registered. The shipping costs are a fix rate, but I will reimburse the difference to your PayPal if there is any.

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